ContiOil Connect is built specifically to meet industry data security standards and employs modern authentication and encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access or monitoring of customer information.
Due to the increasing number of data breaches and more stringent requirements on businesses enacted by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) 3.2, Conti Oil has outsourced all payment processing to a certified third-party gateway. This means Conti Oil does not store any card information in Connect, nor does any card information pass-through any Conti Oil system at any time during the payment workflow.
Any payment made through Conti Oil’s Connect portal is subject to the same refund policy as payments made physically in our office or over the telephone. Payments made for past deliveries or services rendered are non-refundable for any reason. Refunds may be made in the case of pre-payments and accidental or erroneous charges, and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For security reasons refunds may not be made through the Connect portal; any customer with further questions regarding refunds in encouraged to call our office for more information.
An eTicket is a digitized version of the delivery ticket used during your fuel delivery. However, customers may have noticed the eTicket lacks the certified meter reading that is stamped on the ticket when it is placed in our delivery truck’s meter system.
Much like an eTicket, an eStatement is a digitally generated version of the statements mailed to customers at the end of each month. PLEASE NOTE: the eStatement system is currently in BETA release, meaning the system is still being tested for flaws. Customers are encouraged to verify statement amounts before submitting payment.
That is the goal. However, as our system is relatively young, we encourage customers to continue receiving paper statements and delivery information. Customers will be alerted in the dashboard when a paperless option is available and open for enrollment.